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Trips & Events: Autumn & Winter 2012

Here's the proposed trip list to take us into 2013.

Please note that this is provisional and some of these may be subject to change.

Date Descrition/Level Organiser
Sep 16th Improvers Jeff
Sep 23rd Beginners Derek
Sep 30th Beginners Mike
Oct 13th Intermediate Christina
Oct 28th Paddle Show and Stanley Derek
Nov 03/04th Tyne Tour Weekend Alec
Nov 11th Beginners Elisabeth
Nov 17/18th Weekender Derek
Nov 24th Xmas night out Elisabeth/Christina
Dec 01st Intermediate Graham N.
Dec 16th Improvers Derek

Please Note: The trips listed above are not coaching courses. For coaching, and before coming along on any of these trips, come along to our weekly pool/pond meets. See the trip guide page for an idea of what to expect on trips.

Google Calendar

Trips details should also be available through our Google Calendar.