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Administration Secretary

Work with the Club Secretary to prepare and send out agendas for committee meetings and AGM.

Attend all meetings, as far as possible.

Take minutes at Committee Meetings and the AGM.

Send out draft minutes of committee meetings and AGM to committee to check for changes before sending out to membership mailing list.

Arrange dates for committee meetings using Doodle poll to select a suitable date. Book venue for the meeting and advise committee of date and venue.



Responsible to Edinburgh Kayak Club Committee and Edinburgh Kayak Club Members. The Chairperson is the principal leader and figurehead of EKC. They must effectively manage the Committee and take the lead in identifying and delivering the vison for how the club should develop.

The role is time consuming, with work between meetings, including with Committee members, Coaches and Leaders and externally representing EKC where required. Effective delegation by the Chairperson of EKC work within the Committee is critical. The Chairperson supports and is supported by the other office bearers and Committee members.

Skills Required:

  • Enthusiastic

  • Strong leadership skills, including the ability to effectively strategise and delegate

  • Diplomacy

  • Prepared to make a regular time commitment

  • Prepared to make instant decisions when necessary

  • Confident at some public speaking and keeping order during meetings

  • Well organised

Main Duties:

  • Provide leadership and be an effective strategist, and a good delegator

  • Take responsibility for managing the committee and the affairs of the club

  • Co-ordinate the Committee to ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for the effective management of EKC

  • Chair committee meetings so that everyone has a chance to present their views, that all business is completed and that all decisions are properly understood and recorded

  • Oversee and guide all decisions taken by the committee and sub committees

  • Oversee the work and provide support to all officers/members

  • In conjunction with the secretary, prepare and present the annual report & chair the AGM

  • Liaise with the secretary on the agenda for each meeting and approve the minutes before they are circulated

  • Be completely familiar with the constitution, club rules, committee procedures and the national governing body rules and regulations

  • Liaise with the Treasurer ensuring funds are spent properly in EKC’s best interests

  • Help to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required

  • Act as EKC’s figurehead by representing the club at a local, regional and national level

Club Email Coordinator

Deal with all club correspondence received via the club e-mail address in a timely manner.  Responses will include:

  • Reply directly

  • Delete/file

  • Forward to relevant officers for response e.g. Club Secretary, Membership Secretary, New Members Coordinator

  • Forward to membership via Facebook and SSPPP


Maintain a system of filing for all emails received.

Club Liaison Officer

The Club Liaison Officer's overarching purpose is to enhance inter-club communication and to help to raise individual clubs' profiles to encourage existing members of either club to join additional clubs which fit their individual requirements, thus creating a rich and balanced club culture rather than a series of competing entities.


For that purpose, a liaison officer's role encompasses:

  • Identifying the individual strength and diversity of different kayak and canoe clubs, and areas of mutual benefit

  • Networking and opening up communication pathways between clubs

  • Promoting opportunities for further development and participation, for example in the provision of coaching, expertise and leadership across clubs

  • Supporting and coordinating cross club activities, e.g. trips, barbecues or participation in national events

  • Raising the club's profile and aiding access

  • Assisting the club in any other way which helps to connect it to other clubs (and their liaison officers, where possible)

Club Secretary

Responsible to Edinburgh Kayak Club Committee and Edinburgh Kayak Club Members.

The Club Secretary is the ‘principal administrator’ for the club. The Club Secretary plays a pivotal role within the club, being the main point of contact for people within and outside the club and having a major impact on the efficient and effective running of the club.

Within the Edinburgh Kayak Club committee, the Club Secretary’s role is well supported by the Membership Secretary, Administrative Secretary, Club Email Coordinator and New Members Coordinator, as well as the other Office Bearers (Chair Person and Treasurer) and Committee Members in other roles.

Responsibilities are:

  • Work with Club Email Coordinator to have an oversight of all relevant club email correspondence

  • Deal with any land mail posted to the club, which will be sent to Club Secretary’s home address, unless an alternative address is arranged

  • Be the contact person for all communication from the Scottish Canoe Association (SCA).

  • Work with the Administration Secretary to prepare and distribute the committee meeting and AGM agendas

  • Attend all meetings, as far as possible

  • Keep copies of minutes from committee meetings and AGMs, and all other relevant documents, on file

  • Carry out or delegate any other administrative duties

  • Ensure that all affiliation / registration / insurance documents are accurate and are paid on time

  • Represent the club at outside meetings at the direction of the committee, delegating to other committee members if needed

  • Be the first point of contact for any complaints from members and deal directly with complaints when appropriate and/or bring to committee. Issues regarding Safeguarding should be directed to the Designated Safeguarding Person and issues regarding Coaching and Leadership should be directed to the Coaching Officer.

Coaching Officer

  • Canvass membership annually to establish training and coaching needs.

  • Define a coaching and development plan to deliver the needs identified above and agree scope (numbers / budget) with committee

  • Deliver coaching plan using internal, and/or external providers

  • Organise Coaching and Leadership group meetings (every 2 months)

  • Provide focus for mentoring activities within the club

  • Summarise activities and outcomes from the annual coaching and development plan and input to AGM

Data Protection Champion

The role of the Data Protection Champion is administrative. The Data Protection Champion ensures that the club is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and deals with any data protection issues.

Designated Safeguarding Person

Create and implement the EKC child and vulnerable adult protection policy and procedures.


Encourage good practice by promoting and championing the child and vulnerable adults’ protection policy and procedures.


Monitor and review the child protection and vulnerable adult policy and procedures to ensure they remain current and fit for purpose.


Raise awareness of the Club Designated Safeguarding Person role to parents/carers, adults and children involved in the club.


Raise awareness of the Code of Conduct for working with children and vulnerable adults to parents/carers, adults and children.


Challenge behaviour that breaches the EKC Code of Conduct.


Keep abreast of developments in the field of Safeguarding.


Organise/signpost appropriate training for all adults working/volunteering with children and vulnerable adults in the club on a yearly basis.


Respond appropriately to disclosures or concerns which relate to the well-being of a child or vulnerable adult as per the EKC policy and guidance.


Where required liaise with the NGB (currently the Scottish Canoe Association) Designated Safeguarding Person and/or statutory agencies and ensure they have access to all necessary information.

Equality and Diversity Champion

The role of the Equality and Diversity Champion is to:

  • Aim to ensure that everyone has an equally positive experience of the club as per the EKC Equality Policy.

  • Work towards increasing the diversity of the club membership with particular reference to groups that are currently under-represented in the club.


The expected outcomes in relation to the Equality and Diversity Champion role are:

  • A club with a safe and inclusive culture.

  • A club with an increasingly rich and balanced membership.


The Equality and Diversity Champion will:

  • Form and lead a sub-group made up of members of the EKC committee, club coaches and leaders and other club members to follow through on the EKC Development Plan Objective: "To encourage individuals from under-represented groups to join the club and create a safe and stimulating environment for members of these groups".

  • Be a point of contact in the club for anyone with additional needs and take responsibility for ensuring that plans of support, safety and sharing of information for paddlers with additional needs are developed and actioned.

  • Make contact with relevant community groups to promote EKC as an equal opportunities club and discuss ways that EKC can facilitate the participation of their members in paddlesports and encourage them to join the club.

  • With the assistance of other members, work to increase the diversity of the club by organising introduction/taster events targeted towards groups that are currently under-represented in the club.

  • Be a point of contact for the Scottish Canoe Association Equality Group and liaise with other paddlesports clubs who are trying to increase equality and diversity / establish the role of Equality and Diversity Champion.

  • Monitor the diversity of the club and obtain feedback from members of their experience of equality in the club.

Equipment Officer

The Equipment Officer looks after all the club equipment.


This includes:

  • Ongoing kit inspection

  • Replacement & repair of damaged and worn kit within the equipment budget

  • Procurement of new equipment

The Equipment Officer also maintains a record of club equipment.

Lagoon Coordinator

The role of the Lagoon Coordinator is to coordinate volunteers and coaches during the summer months for the Edinburgh Kayak Club sessions at Musselburgh Lagoon. Approximately one month before the lagoon sessions commence the Lagoon Coordinator sends out a document to all members requesting volunteers to fill each required role for each week from beginning of May to end of August.

The five roles that need to be filled are:

  • Duty Coach: responsible for the overall running of the lagoon session and ensuring that, as far as possible, the coaching needs of individuals and groups are met

  • Assistant Coach: assists the Duty Coach

  • Trailer Tower: packs up and transports equipment and tows the trailer loaded with craft from the boat shed to the lagoon and back to the boat shed

  • Shed Helper: assists the Trailer Tower with the loading and unloading of equipment and craft for the lagoon session

  • Admin Person: completes admin tasks needed for lagoon sessions including getting membership forms for new members and collecting money for boat hire

Lagoon Representative

Represent Edinburgh Kayak Club’s interests and stakeholder aspirations during the ongoing Musselburgh Lagoons Development proposals.  Sit on the ‘Musselburgh Lagoons Boating Pond Improvement Group’ (MLBPIG) and attend various meetings with potential funders, local councillors and the Scottish Canoe Association.  Report back to the EKC committee at every stage of the development.

Meetings Chief Whip

Ensure Edinburgh Kayak Club committee meetings are run in an efficient and timeous manner by adhering to meeting agenda content and allotted times.

Membership Secretary

Deal with all aspects of club membership including:

  • Ensure that all participants in club activities join the club / renew their membership

  • Ensure that all members under 18 years of age have a signed Parental Consent Form

  • Be aware of and follow Data Protection Policy, Privacy Policy and Data Retention Policy

  • Ensure that content of paper and online membership forms is updated for new membership year and adheres to, and is stored, as per above policies

  • Keep accurate and up to date records of club membership, including club email contact list and Scottish Canoe Association Go Membership system

Minister/Mistress of Fun

The Minister/Mistress of Fun is responsible for arranging social events such as meals out and drinks.

New Members Coordinator

Respond to all communication which comes in via the club e-mail address from new and potential members. Club Email Coordinator will alert New Members Coordinator to emails that need responded to.

Ensure new and potential members are made welcome to the club and provide them with any information they need about the club.

New Members Coordinator will have access to membership list and will use it to do the following for members who have given permission to be contacted by the New Membership Coordinator:

  • Follow up recently joined members to find out what their experience of the club has been and to check if they need any further information and/or support to become more active in the club.

  • Follow up longer term members who have not been recently active in the club to find out what their experience of the club has been. Check if they feel their needs are being met by the club and if they need more information and/or support to become more active in the club.

  • Take any issues regarding recruiting and retaining club members back to the committee.

Pool Coordinator


The Pool Coordinator organises the club evening and communicates with coaches, volunteers and members regarding pool sessions. They are also responsible for all aspects if communication with Gracemount Leisure Centre and Edinburgh Leisure (EL).


  • Create and update the coach and volunteer rota for Tuesday nights

  • Provide information to volunteers and members regarding pool sessions

  • Update pool risk assessment as needed and ensure it remains within guidelines of EL and Scottish Canoe Association

  • Book the pool space for club sessions and ensure required paperwork is kept up to date

  • Maintain a good working relationship between EKC and Gracemount Leisure Centre and EL

  • Liaise between EKC and EL and be the point of contact for any issues or concerns

  • Organise EL pool staff training in relation to kayaking prior start of the season (end of August)

  • Discuss financial reviews with EL if appropriate

  • Attend the Edinburgh Wet Side Forum meeting if possible

  • Ensure contents of pool box are up to date and paperwork is being implemented

  • Ensure that pool paperwork is processed and stored in accordance with Data Protection Policies

Publicity Officer

The club Publicity Officer aims to seek out opportunities and ideas for promotion of the club and puts actions in place to drive these forwards. The Publicity Officer’s role may encompass tasks such as:

  • Identification of suitable venues for promotional material such as flyers, leaflets and posters and distribution of these

  • Liaising where necessary regarding enquiries arising from promotional material distributed

  • Networking and opening up communication pathways wherever publicity opportunities arise

  • Assisting the club in any other way which helps to raise the club’s profile

Shed Custodian

The Shed Custodian is responsible for taking care of the boat shed and ensuring that any maintenance work required is carried out.

Social Media Specialist

The Social Media Specialist is responsible for maintaining the Facebook group and should:

⦁ Review requests to join the group and accept or decline as appropriate

⦁ Remove posts from the group which are inappropriate or not relevant to the group

⦁ Remove users from the group if deemed necessary when they are not acting responsibly


The treasurer is responsible for the club finances; banking the weekly takings from the pool, lagoon and boat hire, ensuring payments are made, keeping records of all transactions.

The specific duties are:

  • Deal efficiently and effectively with all invoices and bills. Most of this is now online and straight forward to do.

  • Issue receipts and record all money received. Money received is recorded on the pool and lagoon sheets, the bank payment book and in an Excel spread sheet.

  • Keep up to date records of all the financial transactions. This is maintained in an Excel spread sheet. Many transactions can be transferred from the online statement, the rest is entered manually. All receipts are recorded and filed.

  • Ensure that funds are spent properly. This is also overseen by the committee and all payments are authorised by a second committee member (usually the secretary).

  • Attend committee meetings and present the budget report. The budget report is presented at the AGM, usually in November.

  • Prepare the end of year accounts to present to the auditors. The financial year runs from 6th April.

  • In agreement with the committee plan the annual budget

  • Monitor the budget throughout the year

Trips Coordinator

The Trips Coordinator is responsible for coordinating dates, trip leaders and attendees for each club trip, maintaining a spread sheet of the dates and advertising each trip to members on the website, to the mailing list and in the Facebook group.


The Trip Coordinator should:

⦁ Identify dates that trips could be run on a 3-monthly basis

⦁ Liaise with trip leaders to establish dates they can lead trips and ensure a mixture of levels is being offered

⦁ Advertise the trip dates on the website, to the mailing list and in the Facebook group

⦁ Identify up to 4 weekend trips per year or a mixture of weekend trips and joint club events including family events

⦁ Ensure trips are aimed at Beginner, Improver and Intermediate level. Advanced trips are currently Peer Paddles only.

⦁ Ensure a trip report is submitted for each event

⦁ Keep a record of the trips for monitoring the club’s activity and planning future events


The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining and improving the website and email system and should:

⦁ Keep the Calendar page on the website up-to-date with club events on Facebook

⦁ Keep the Trip Reports section on the website up-to-date with trip reports on Facebook
⦁ Make necessary updates to the website as requested by other committee members
⦁ Make improvements to the website using own judgement and using feedback received at the Webmaster email address
⦁ Monitor the email system and resolve any issues that arise to ensure that all emails are delivered successfully
⦁ Help to resolve any website or email issues that are raised by other committee members

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