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The Treasurer is responsible for the club finances; banking the weekly takings from the pool, lagoon and boat hire, ensuring payments are made, keeping records of all transactions.

The specific duties are:

Deal efficiently and effectively with all invoices and bills. Most of this is now online and straight forward to do.

Issue receipts and record all money received. Money received is recorded on the pool and lagoon sheets, the bank payment book and in an Excel spread sheet.

Keep up to date records of all the financial transactions. This is maintained in an Excel spread sheet. Many transactions can be transferred from the online statement, the rest is entered manually. All receipts are recorded and filed.

Ensure that funds are spent properly. This is also overseen by the committee and all payments are authorised by a second committee member (usually the secretary).

Attend committee meetings and present the budget report. The budget report is presented at the AGM, usually in November.

Prepare the end of year accounts to present to the auditors. The financial year runs from 6th April.

In agreement with the committee plan the annual budget

Monitor the budget throughout the year

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