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The club holds its weekly pool sessions on Tuesday evenings at Gracemount Leisure Centre between 6:45pm and 8:45pm which start on the first Tuesday in September and end on the last Tuesday in May. Please show up between 6:15pm and 6:30pm if at all possible to help move boats to the pool and get ready for the first session. 

There are four 30-minute sessions. It's on a 'first come first served' basis but you are guaranteed at least one session; usually you get two and sometimes three if few people are attending. Booking is done at the following link which closes at 4pm on the day of the session:

These sessions are open to all abilities including complete beginners. All you really need to bring is your swimming kit, maybe a spare T-shirt for sitting around on the pool-side. If you have any of your own kit - buoyancy aid, spray deck, helmet or paddles - feel free to bring it along though please ensure it is all clean. Otherwise, you will be able to borrow any kit you require. We are required to have our own specific boats for pool use so unfortunately you are not allowed to bring your own in.

There is always at least one qualified coach at each pool session both for safety and to provide assistance so it's usually possible to get some coaching in the pool - just ask!


Children attending must be accompanied by at least one responsible adult. This can be a parent, guardian or named guardian for the day.

We rely on a rota of volunteers to help with admin and coaching.

Please refer to the Pool Session Guidelines for all the important information.

If you think you may have any additional needs with regard to participating in pool sessions, it will be helpful if you can contact us to discuss your needs prior to attending your first pool session. Please email our Equality and Diversity Champion:

The price for pool sessions is as follows:

Adult Member: £5

Junior/Unwaged Member: £3

Adult Non-Member: £8

Junior/Unwaged Non-Member: £5

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