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Booking For Trips

EKC is moving with the times.

From now on all booking and payment for membership, days trips, weekend trips, coached events and clothing will be made through Bookwhen.

This centralised booking system will simplify everything for members, leaders and coaches. It provides a single method of booking for trips, equipment and coaching, and managing those bookings, including cancellation and a payment system that is secure and can be audited.

You will find the link for Bookwhen in several places on the EKC website, or use the link below:

You do not need to log in to Bookwhen to use the system, although logging in is required should you need to cancel.

For trips or coaching events, where a payment is involved, you may be asked for a code. Please contact the trip leader or coach responsible for this code.

I would like to draw your attention to the generic wording attached to each trip which states that when you sign up for a trip, this will be confirmed by the trip leader. This is to ensure trip participants are paddling at a safe level for the planned trip. The leader may contact you directly to discuss your previous paddling experience, before they confirm your place. This is to ensure the safety of the whole group. Always feel free to contact the leader or coach either before or after booking for a trip. The intention is, I hope, self-explanatory.

We, as a committee, appreciate there will be some teething problems with the system. Be patient. Simply contact the committee via email at and we will sort out the problem.

Please note that for ALL events in 2024, even those where you have already contacted the leader and booked, including the Jonny Hawkins coaching weekends and the grand tour, you will need to rebook and pay through Bookwhen, if required. 

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