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Greenland Kayak Expedition Talk

Joint venture with Lothian Sea Kayak Club. This is a fascinating talk by Erik Boomer & Sarah McNair-Landry sharing their story from their kayaking expedition across Greenland using kite skis, they tow their kayaks over 1000km of the Greenland ice sheet to attempt a first descent of a remote river.

"An epic ski journey across the Greenland Ice Cap to kayak a river from source to the Arctic Ocean. Sarah and Erik have a truly remarkable record of expedition and adventure exploits. They will talk about their multi award winning expedition across the Greenland Ice Cap ('Into the Twin Galaxies') kite skiing with kayaks, and then paddling from glacial source to sea, over, under and down a river whose existence they had to first establish. Exploration and honesty conveyed with clarity insight and craftmanship - one of the most remarkable journeys I have ever witnessed."

Proceeds will be donated to charity - the Edinburgh Taxi Trade Children's Outing - in memory of Robert Jackson.

For more details and tickets, click on the link below:

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