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Teviot Trip

This was the clubs second attempt at this stretch of the Teviot, this year, and proved well worthwhile, despite concerns over high water levels up until the preceding night. On the first aborted occasion the water level was deemed too high whereas today the level was just right to reveal areas of interesting and large bouncy waves not even mentioned in the `UKRGB` description. Ideal for the intended aim of exposing the newer paddlers to more challenging water conditions.

With temperatures feeling below zero and winds gusting 40 mph the appeal of the water was not as high as it should have been, however preparations were soon over and everyone was warm from fighting to get into dry-suits which were determined to fly away. The four kayaks and two OC were quickly on the water and making progress assisted by that wind funnelling from behind.

Although still shallow good use was made of the weir and the fish ladder provided fun to the more experienced kayakers.

With more good sized bouncy waves before the town centre and numb-cold hands beginning to distract attention, little time was spent studying the whirlpool effect on the current from the River Slitrig joining the Teviot.

A calm stretch allowed the recent damage to the river’s edge from Storm Desmond to be appreciated then it was back to the fun stuff with repeated short sprints not least the sharp bend before the grade -3 finale.

Having conquered the river it was time to show it who was boss and just in case there were any `namby-pamby` sea kayakers around the team elected not to take-out prior to the bridge but instead the scale banking to the eastside of Hornshole Bridge, yes with all kayaks and both OCs. Mark has graded it VS and is probably entitled to name it now. A very good day out in energy sapping temperatures with special thanks to Mags for organising and overseeing the trip.

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