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Responsible to Edinburgh Kayak Club Committee and Edinburgh Kayak Club Members. The Chairperson is the principal leader and figurehead of EKC. They must effectively manage the Committee and take the lead in identifying and delivering the vision for how the club should develop.

The role is time consuming, with work between meetings, including with Committee members, Coaches and Leaders and externally representing EKC where required. Effective delegation by the Chairperson of EKC work within the Committee is critical. The Chairperson supports and is supported by the other office bearers and Committee members.

Skills Required:

• Enthusiastic

• Strong leadership skills, including the ability to effectively strategise and delegate

• Diplomacy

• Prepared to make a regular time commitment

• Prepared to make instant decisions when necessary

• Confident at some public speaking and keeping order during meetings

• Well organised

Main Duties:

• Provide leadership and be an effective strategist, and a good delegator

• Take responsibility for managing the committee and the affairs of the club

• Co-ordinate the Committee to ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for the effective management of EKC

• Chair committee meetings so that everyone has a chance to present their views, that all business is completed and that all decisions are properly understood and recorded

• Oversee and guide all decisions taken by the committee and sub committees

• Oversee the work and provide support to all officers/members

• In conjunction with the secretary, prepare and present the annual report & chair the AGM

• Liaise with the secretary on the agenda for each meeting and approve the minutes before they are circulated

• Be completely familiar with the Constitution, club rules, committee procedures and the national governing body rules and regulations

• Liaise with the Treasurer ensuring funds are spent properly in EKC’s best interests

• Help to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required

• Act as EKC’s figurehead by representing the club at a local, regional and national level

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