Feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have. Anything general can be sent to info@edinburghkayak.com or anything specific to the website can be sent to admin@edinburghkayak.com


To communicate with the entire group, we have a Facebook group so be sure to join that if you are on Facebook. But if you are not then do not worry for there is also SSPPP, an email group that most people in the club use to communicate. Members send e-mails to a single address (ssppp@yahoogroups.com) and it gets forwarded to all group members. Replies go back to the group as well. There are several ways to join:

  • You can also go to the Yahoo Group webpage and join there. That involves creating a Yahoo login if you don't already have one; but it does mean you can browse the messages through the website.


Edinburgh Kayak Club 2017