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Lagoon Coordinator

The role of the Lagoon Coordinator is to coordinate volunteers and coaches during the summer months for the Edinburgh Kayak Club sessions at Musselburgh Lagoons. Approximately one month before the lagoon sessions commence the Lagoon Coordinator sends out a document to all members requesting volunteers to fill each required role for each week from the beginning of June to the end of August.

The five roles that need to be filled are:

Duty Coach: responsible for the overall running of the lagoon session and ensuring that, as far as possible, the coaching needs of individuals and groups are met

Assistant Coach: assists the Duty Coach

Trailer Tower: packs up and transports equipment and tows the trailer loaded with craft from the boat shed to the lagoon and back to the boat shed

Shed Helper: assists the Trailer Tower with the loading and unloading of equipment and craft for the lagoon session

Admin Person: completes admin tasks needed for lagoon sessions including getting membership forms for new members and collecting money for boat hire

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