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Safeguarding Officer

• Create and implement the EKC Safeguardting Policy.

• Encourage good practice by promoting and championing the Safeguarding Policy.

• Monitor and review the Safeguarding Policy to ensure it remains current and fit for purpose.

• Raise awareness of the Safeguarding Officer role to parents/carers, adults and children involved in the club.

• Raise awareness of the Code of Conduct for working with children and vulnerable adults to parents/carers, adults and children.

• Challenge behaviour that breaches the Code of Conduct.

• Keep abreast of developments in the field of Safeguarding.

• Organise/signpost appropriate training for all adults working/volunteering with children and vulnerable adults in the club on a yearly basis.

• Respond appropriately to disclosures or concerns which relate to the well-being of a child or vulnerable adult as per the EKC policy and guidance.

• Where required liaise with the NGB (currently the Scottish Canoe Association) Designated Safeguarding Person and/or statutory agencies and ensure they have access to all necessary information.

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