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Borders Esk Trip

Four intrepid paddlers assembled at the boat shed at 9am on Sunday for the trip down to Langholm. The advance party of Steve and Simon were somewhat miffed to have missed out on the bacon roll enjoyed by the later arrivals of Christina and Katerina. Although Steve did make the most of the opportunity to do his good deed and ring his mum for mother's day...

Before long, everyone was changed, the shuttle had been run and the four paddlers were on the water. Following a relatively dry spell of weather, the Esk was running pretty low and a fair bit of plastic was left behind to mark the passage.

There was a nip in the air but everyone quickly warmed up as play spots were found and made the best of. Everyone got involved and it was great to see each paddler pushing themselves and really working hard to practice breaking in/out, ferry gliding and surfing.

A particular highlight came late in the day as the paddlers were nearing the end of the stretch at Canonbie, when an otter surfaced in clear view not 20m ahead of the group. On noticing the intruders to his quiet river he swiftly duck dived, not to be seen again.

An enjoyable day was had by all, thanks to Christina for organising and thanks to everyone else for attending.

Oh and well done to Christina for rolling right at the end of the day, she was very happy with it!

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