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Club Membership

Member tickets on Bookwhen entries will now only show as available if you have renewed your club membership for the new membership year.

If you wish to continue taking part in club activities then it's worth checking that you are able to book these tickets after logging in to Bookwhen.

If you are not able to book these tickets then you need to renew your membership for 2024/25 by filling in the new membership entry on Bookwhen:

If you joined as a new member on or after 1st January 2024 for 2023/24 then you can carry over your membership by selecting that free ticket option.

You'll be granted access to member tickets as soon as possible after renewing your membership but please allow up to one day for this to be dealt with.

Note that very soon on 1st June we will be clearing out the members mailing list of all those who have not renewed their club membership for 2024/25.

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