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COVID-19 Guidelines For Organised Trips

The following guidelines have been drawn up by the EKC committee to ensure both EKC club trips and peer paddles can be enjoyed within the recent Scottish government guidelines while maintaining safety of club members and the public.

Under current legislation (14 September 20) paddling​ can take place in groups of up to 6 people from a maximum of 2 households, unless it is an organized activity then larger groups from multiple households can take part.

Organised activity

For a paddling trip to qualify as ‘Organised’ it must comply with all the following criteria:

● Activities are undertaken in a structured and managed way.

● Activities follow SCA guidance and any other relevant guidance.

● Activities are overseen by an appointed ​COVID Officer​ who has completed the Sport​ Scotland eLearning.

● A documented risk assessment (RA) is undertaken, and mitigating actions put in place to ensure the health, safety and welfare of participants, coaches and officials. (taken from SCA phase 3 Guidance).

Covid officer

It is recommended that leaders, coaches and anyone planning peer paddles of more than 2 households complete the Sport Scotland eLearning module to become a certified covid-19 officer. It is free and takes about 30 mins.

EKC club trips

  1. These will be organized in advance; participant numbers will be limited at the discretion of the trip leader.

  2. A track and trace registration document of participants should be made before the trip and be available (hard copy or on a phone) for inspection if stopped by the police.

  3. There is a RA based on SCA guidance for club trips. This should be read and implemented by the trip leader and covid officer, and should be read by all participants. The RA should be available (hard copy or on a phone) for inspection if stopped by the police.

  4. Remember to be kind and courteous to each other, the authorities and public you meet on the trip.

Peer Paddles

For a peer paddle to go ahead with more than 2 households it should meet with SCA guidelines for an organized activity. This means having evidence of;

  1. A track and trace registration document (doesn’t have to be official, just a list of names, contact details and if anyone has had symptoms/a positive test/waiting for a test).

  2. A risk assessment.

  3. A certified covid officer present.

These should be available (hard copy or on a phone) for inspection if stopped by the police.

We advise club members to follow current SCA guidelines for peer trips, and have supplied a generic risk assessment which can be used/adapted to fit the individuals needs on peer paddles.

We are happy for members to share this risk assessment with paddling peers as it will make the accessing of peer trips more achievable for everyone.

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