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COVID-19 Lagoon Procedure

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic extra care has to be taken when using Musselburgh boating pond for club activities and coaching. The guidelines below will be revisited on a regular basis in line with updated government guidelines as we are leaving lockdown in Scotland.

Access/Egress of Water

On the Water

Number of Participants on the night

  • With a trained COVID-19 officer or a delegated person present, up to 30 participants from multiple households can attend a lagoon session at any time.

  • Coaching groups will be maintained at a maximum number of 8 participants from 5 house holds.

  • Physical distancing measures of 2m (6 feet) have to be adhered to off the water.

Children attending lagoon sessions

  • Children aged 0-11 do not need to maintain physical distancing during lagoon sessions.

  • Children have to be booked into coaching sessions to ensure a maximum ratio of 8 participants from 5 households can be maintained at all times.

Track and Trace

  • Participants have to complete a self-declaration about their health and circumstances before attending a session and leave there contact details with the duty coach.

  • EKC will keep records stored securely for 21 days in case of a need for track and trace after a session.


People who are symptomatic should self-isolate for 10 days; household members for 14 days as per info on NHS guidance.

If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or upper sleeve. Dispose of your tissue into an appropriate bin supplied at the venue or place in a plastic bag and take home. Wash your hands afterwards for 20 seconds.

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