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Leny Trip

There were just 3 of us braving the snowy weather on Saturday. We had a look at the Falls of Dochart but Christina and I decided we were not up for up for it so we went back down to the Leny. It was my first time, and Graham had not done it for many years, so we were counting on Christina to show us the way. We paddled down to just above the falls before getting out to inspect the right hand drop along with a group from Glasgow. Christina and I did not fancy a recirculating undercut at the bottom of the drop but Graham went for it and got a clean line, keeping to the right, and made it look easy. Unfortunately the cold weather was affecting Christina's breathing, as she was still recovering from being unwell, so she decided it was best not to get back on the water. That left me and Graham which was fine until I got caught out by a nasty stopper and ended up swimming. Graham got my paddle fairly quickly and then had an exhilarating chase down the river after my boat. He said at least it had warmed him up! I got back in my boat in time just to do the last fairly straightforward stretch. We are all looking forward to doing the Leny again, hopefully with all of us managing to do all (or at least more) of the river next time.

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