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New Membership Year

The new EKC membership year will soon be upon us so please find here the new membership form for 2024-2025:


We have increased membership fees slightly to keep the club operational going forward but have not changed the prices for daily/annual equipment hire and boat storage.


New entries for annual equipment hire and boat storage respectively can be found at the following links:


All members are required to complete this form before 1st April in order to retain membership and attend trips. We will also be clearing out the members mailing list come 1st June of those who have not renewed their membership. So please do renew your membership if you wish to be kept up to date about club activities and continue to participate in them.


If you have joined as a new member on or after 1st January 2024 and made your payment then membership is carried over if you fill in the form and select that free ticket option.

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