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North Esk Trip

We got a lovely day for the trip yesterday, although those who went for a swim said the water was quite cold! Also the sun does not quite reach you once you're in the gorge. The North Esk was chosen as due to the cold, dry conditions there was not much water about and gorge section of the north Esk almost always has enough water. There were five of us in the group and it was Nick's first time down this river. There was a bit of being caught out by some of the tricky waves and inconvenient rocks but mostly there were good recoveries, especially Nick's high brace made half way down triple step / rocks of solitude from a practically upside down position. I ended up definitely upside down at the bottom of the same rapid following an unplanned backward flip. There were no further incidents after presidents corner, which got both me and Nick, and we all enjoyed flying though the air off fishladder falls. We even had sun for getting changed in after!

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