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Pool Session Guidelines


For each session there will be a booking sheet dividing the evening into slots being held by the person(s) in charge of the session. It is used to allocate time on the water. Slots are booked on the night simply by asking the person with the sheet.

• Your name must be on the sheet for the current slot before you get on the water.

• The admin will start taking names for the first slot as of 6.30pm

• After completing your 1st session you can book in for an additional one.

• Within the first session 4 spaces a reserved for junior paddlers until 6.40pm. If not filled the spaces will be allocated to first members within the 2nd slot.

• For new members all paperwork (water use form, membership form and parental consent form) has to be completed before the first slot on the water.

• Only 8 boats are allowed on the water at any one time.

• The end of each slot will be indicated, anyone on the water should get out promptly and empty the boat of water, as others may be waiting to get on.

• A duty coach will be in charge of the water based activities and will be at least qualified to the standard of Paddlesport Instructor Award, preferably with a valid first aid qualification.

• The duty coach will be assisted by a number of coach assistants on the night. These may or may not be qualified coaches, who are supervised by the duty coach.

• A pool lifeguard from Edinburgh Leisure will be present on the night.

• EKC’s pool boats and equipment will be taken to the poolside at 7.45pm from the onsite storage container. Boats and equipment will have to be returned at 10pm sharp. Assistance from those attending the session is needed to transfer boats and equipment to pool and back to the container. Help from all club members who can assist with this is appreciated, both at the start and the end of the evening. The container keys are available on request from the Leisure Centre Office.

• All members are encouraged to bring along their own paddles and helmets as well as spraydecks.


The pool is a clean environment but boats, kit and outdoor shoes are dirty therefore:

• Please take your outdoor shoes off before entering the pool area.

• If you bring your own kit, please make sure it's clean and fit for pool use.

• No outdoor boats are allowed to enter the pool area without prior arrangement with the Leisure Centre manager. If you do require to bring a boat along due to special adjustments, please get in touch via email before the evening.

• All outdoor boats if taken to the pool have to be firmly cleaned with a chlorine solution provided by the Leisure Centre staff on the evening.

• Pool boats are kept on side in a provided storage area. Please assure they are emptied of water and kept clean.

• Children in nappies have to wear pool approved nappies when using the pool.


• No swimmer will be allowed beyond the shallow roped off area and if asked by the coach or any pool staff any swimmer must leave the water.

• A helmet must be worn when in a boat at all times. The helmet should be put on before launching and left on until safely out of the boat.

• All coaches have to wear a helmet when in the pool at all times.

• Be aware of others around you when practicing in the pool and in particular when practising playboating moves.

• Children have to be supervised at the pool at all times. Parents and guardians take full responsibility for those in their care. Safety equipment has to be worn as appropriate.

• The duty coach should be made aware of the swimming abilities of a child at the start of each slot.

• Any person coming to the pool for the first time will be ask to demonstrate their confidence in the water and their ability to safely enter and exit the boat with and without spray deck. This will be observed by the duty coach and noted on the water use form.


• Any safeguarding issues or concerns have to be communicated to the safeguarding officer.

• Anyone who intends to coach or assist with coaching at the pool session must have a PVG with EKC.

• All minors must have a completed parental consent form. A parent/guardian has to be at the poolside at all time during a session.


• Appropriate swimming attire must be worn at all time.

• Foul or abusive language or behaviour is not acceptable.

• Any concerns should be worded to the clubs complaints officer as appropriate.

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