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Teith Trip

One of the things that I love about rivers is that they always deliver. I can’t always be sure what they will deliver, but there is always something.. Having paddled the droppy gorge of the Nith on Saturday I got on the Teith not knowing what to expect, but my tired arms told me it better not be too much and my doggy companion was also not wanting a swim. With a medium level of 0.82m the river was flowing rather nicely and so it was time to ignore tired arms and spend the day playing. The Teith has lot of lovely play spots at this level. Huge boulders create lots of eddies to hit, or not hit. And a myriad of small waves form all over the place allowing me to slide from one surf spot in to another. Not that they are all easy to slide in to or hold the surfing position! Zarna the dog was pretty happy surfing, no doubt checking out the river banks for rabbits. There is plenty fun and challenge on the way down the Teith before the final big bouncy wave train before the get out. The fun was in plenty evidence as seen by the groups many smiles and occasional swims. Most of the group ran the final section and I did too, with Zarna safely on the bank. Just for fun I decided to try out the newly fitted pack raft thigh straps for the final rapid. Maybe earlier in the day might have been sensible was what Christina’s face said to me when I told her. Straps and boat worked well down the big waves. All that remained was to carry the boat back to the top of the rapid for another descent. And that was it, well maybe a bit more surfing.

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