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Teith Trip

The Teith was a busy river on Sunday with not only EKC at the get-in, but groups from Cumbernauld, Stirling and Clackmannan, and a crowd from one of the unis as well. We even had a group of German backpackers from Hamburg wanting to hire kayaks to join in the fun. Mags led a group of 13 on kayaks, a couple of open canoes, and Mike on his packraft with his indefatigable border terrier navigating him down the river (sorry I forget her name!). There was further EKC representation not far behind, with Nick leading a family trip on canoes. It was one of the warmer days on the water so far this year, but the ice melt meant the water was still pretty cold! But overall, it was a great day on the river with a nice crowd of people. Well done to Oscar and Matilda as well for showing the adults how it's done, with Oscar even putting down a roll just before he got out!

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