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Tummel Trip

People attending this trip were Mags, Christina, Jenny, Katerina, Ian and I.

We were planning to do the Lower Tummel, but when we stopped at Go Kayaking on the way, a staff member suspected that there was a big release there. Upon inspection it looked like the Linn of Tummel and S-Bend were at a higher level than usual, which meant some were not feeling up to it. So we had a change of plan and headed to the Upper Tummel instead.

It was my first time on the Upper Tummel, which mainly consisted of small drops and waterslides. As the water was at a fairly low level, there were many rocks to deal with, making it somewhat technical. Though the rapid that was the most technical was probably very near the start.

Some time after that we came to the grade 4+ rapid, which consisted of two falls. Shortly after the first fall there was some boily water pouring over rocks. Only Mags was brave enough to run the rapid, the rest of us set up safety and then portaged. Mags did very well on the rapid, and although she capsized after the second fall she followed that with a nice roll.

There was one point where I was partly on a rock and had almost flipped over. However it happened relatively slowly so I had time to set up for a roll beforehand. But I somehow managed to recover the situation without flipping completely over. All I did was set up for the roll and raised my knee which righted the kayak.

I think it is fair to say that this river provided a good level of challenge for all of us. But everyone handled it very well and I am pleased to say that there were no swims on this trip. I had a great time and I am sure everyone did. Thanks to Mags for organising the trip.

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