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Club Constitution

1 The Club

1.1 Name

The club shall be known as “Edinburgh Kayak Club”, hereafter shortened to “The Club”.

1.2 Aims

The aim of the Club is to promote paddle sports including kayaking and canoeing, and to encourage safe and responsible participation in these sports to the wider community.

1.3 Affiliation

The Club shall be affiliated to the Scottish Canoe Association, the governing body for the sport of canoeing in Scotland.

2 Membership

2.1 Qualification

Membership is open to all and no application for membership will be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There shall be no discrimination on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, political or other opinion.

Any person who undertakes to behave in the best interests of the Club and agrees to abide by the Club’s constitution, policies and rules shall be eligible for membership. Candidates for election to membership shall apply to the Secretary of the Club in writing.

2.2 Classes of Membership

There will be one class of membership: Full Membership.

2.3 Subscription

The rates of subscription shall be determined by motion of the Annual General Meet­ing and shall be due on election, and thereafter, on or before 1 April in each year.

2.4 Termination

In the event of any person:

  1. breaking the terms of section 2.1 (Qualification); and/or

  2. behaving in a manner likely to bring the Club or the sport of canoeing into disrepute; and/or

  3. refusing to pay club fees;

then the General Committee may decide to refuse, terminate or decline to renew the membership of that person, subject to:

  1. That person being given an opportunity to be heard by the General Committee prior to a final decision being made; and

  2. The reasons for the decision being communicated to that person in writing; and

  3. That person having a right to appeal. Any appeal shall be determined at the next Annual General Meeting and the reasons for the appeal decision shall be communicated to the appellant in writing;

3 General Committee

3.1 Constitution

The General Committee, hereafter shortened to “the Committee”, shall conduct the affairs of the Club as a whole, in accordance with the Club Aims stated at section 1.2, and shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Trea­surer and the Designated Safeguarding Person along with at least four other ordinary members.

3.2 Election

The Committee shall be elected from the membership of the Club at each Annual General Meeting for a period one year, with all members eligible for re-election. Candidates should be nominated and seconded by members of the Club present at the meeting. Candidates need not be present at the meeting.

In the case of more than one nomination for the position of Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer a simple majority vote, see section 4.6 (Voting), will decide who is elected.

3.3 Resignation

In the event of the resignation of any Committee member between Annual General Meetings the remaining members may, if required, co-opt another member of the Club to join the Committee.

3.4 Vote of No Confidence

A vote of no confidence in any or all Committee members may be put forward as a motion to an Extraordinary General Meeting. If the motion is successful the Commit­tee member shall resign with immediate effect and an election for a replacement, as at an Annual General Meeting, held at the same meeting.

3.5 Meetings

The Committee will meet as it feels necessary. At least 10 days notice of a meeting will be given to all members of the Committee. The quorum for a meeting shall be five members of the Committee. Voting shall be by simple majority of those present.

4 General Meetings

4.1 Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting shall be held in the autumn of each year.

4.2 Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called on the instructions of the General Committee or on request, in writing, to the secretary by at least eight members of the Club.

4.3 Notice

At least 21 days notice in writing of any General Meeting shall be given, specifying to all members the time, location and, where possible, business of a General Meeting.

4.4 Quorum

4.4.1 The quorum, including those present in person and those voting by proxy, for the Annual General Meeting shall be the greater of:

(a) one tenth of the Club’s membership; or

(b) 9 club members, at least one of which shall be a non-Committee member;

4.4.2 The quorum for any General Meeting, except the AGM, shall be one quarter of the Club’s membership.

4.5 Business

Motions for discussion at a General Meeting should be lodged with the Secretary no later than 10 days before the Meeting.

4.6 Voting

All elections and motions before a General Meeting will be decided by a simple majority vote. Proxy nominations must be made in advance in writing (electronically or otherwise) through the Chairperson and/or Secretary. The Chairperson of the meeting will hold a casting vote. Only fully subscribed paid up Club members are entitled to vote.

5 Finances

5.1 Funds

Club funds will be held in a bank account in the name of the Club, with two signatures required for any withdrawal. The authorised signatories will be the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer along with one other member of the General Committee.

5.2 Not for Profit

No portion of the income and property, of the Club, shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, distribution, bonus, honoraria or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to the members.

5.3 Financial Year

The Club’s financial year shall run from April 1 through March 31. The Club’s accounts shall be maintained by the Treasurer and they shall be responsible for preparing end of year accounts at the end of each financial year.

5.4 Financial Review

The Committee shall appoint a person from out with the Committee, who shall not have any conflict of interest, and who shall examine the accounts of the Club and ascertain their correctness within three months of the end of each financial year.

6 Miscellaneous

6.1 Liability

Financial or legal liability incurred in the rightful exercise of their office by any member of the General Committee, or any member acting with authority of the General Committee shall not be the personal liability of such person but shall be the responsibility of the Club as a whole.

6.2 Amendment of Constitution

This constitution shall not be altered, amended nor rescinded except by motion of a General Meeting of the Club.

6.3 Dissolution

If, upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club, there remains, after the satisfaction of all the clubs debts and liabilities, any properties whatsoever, the same shall be given or transferred to some other organisation(s) having objects (that is aims and activities) similar to the objects of the Club, such organisation(s) to be determined by the members of the club by resolution passed at a general meeting at or before the time of the dissolution and in so far as effect cannot be given to such provision then to some charitable objects, namely the Scottish Canoe Association.

6.4 Power of Decision

Any matter not provided for in this constitution or any question of interpretation of this constitution or the rules of the Club shall be resolved by the General Committee.

6.5 Equality

The Club operates an Equal Opportunities Policy where no one is denied the right to equal access on the grounds of age, race, creed, colour, ethnicity, gender, disability, occupation, religion, sexual orientation, political persuasion, marital status or having or not having dependants. There is equal opportunity in terms of playing rights and rights of members to attend general meetings, vote and hold office.

6.6 Protection of Children and Vulnerable Groups

The Club operates a Child and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy which is overseen by the holder of the role of the Designated Safeguarding Person. The club is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children and vulnerable adults in its care. It recognises the responsibility to promote safe practice and to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm, abuse and exploitation. Staff and volunteers will work together to embrace difference and diversity and respect the rights of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

6.7 Data Protection

The Club will protect the personal details held about each member and will

abide by the Data Protection policy.

6.8 Safety

The Club will ensure that:

  1. safety is a central consideration when undertaking club activities;

  2. suitable policies, procedures and training are in place to protect the safety of members;

Formally adopted at Edinburgh Kayak Club Annual General Meeting on 25th November 2017.

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