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Club Kit Hire Policy

Club kit is only insured against loss or damage whilst in the shed - it is not insured against loss or damage whilst in use.

The club will cover the cost of lost or damaged equipment only when used on official club trips, and when it is used under the guidance of the trip leader. If you go against the advice of the leader and damage results then you may be liable for repair or replacement.

The club will not cover the loss of equipment which is left unattended or unsecured - for example a boat taken from an unlocked roof rack whilst eating cakes. The club provides several locks that may be borrowed when hiring club boats.

The club does not cover any costs for loss or damaged equipment when it is hired for peer paddles or any other non club activity. You will be liable for all repair or replacement costs.

Fair wear & tear will be covered by the club - so you don’t need to worry about scrapes & scratches.

Much of the club’s equipment is quite old & well used. Any costs will reflect that - you won’t be expected to replace a 20 year old InaZone with a new Z-one, but you will have to make an appropriate contribution based on the value of the damaged kit.

If you notice an issue with kit, such as a split in the hull, a missing bolt, a sticking footrest, a punctured airbag, or a torn spraydeck then please let us know. You can do this via your trip leader, the Equipment Officer, or by noting it on the ‘Defect Log’ on the clipboard by the spraydecks.

Annual boat hire fee of £70/£100 will cover boat hire for all outdoor club events and private hires.

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