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COVID-19 Club Trip Guidelines

Safety of our leaders, coaches, club members and members of the public is the top priority on all our club events.

We as a club will aim to implement the control measures listed below, but there must be a clear understanding that there might be unforeseen emergency circumstances that will result in us having to go against any of the listed control measures.

This in particular will be the case when the safety of a member of the trip or the public is compromised in any way.

It is a shared responsibility of all attendees to ensure these control measures are being followed to their best ability, alongside the most up to date government guidance on the day of the club trip. Coaches and Leaders can not be held accountable for any health issues that may result, particularly if attendees choose not to follow the guidelines given to them.

We require no one with any symptoms relating to COVID-19 to attend club trips. If a member attends a club trip and shows symptoms on arrival or during the trip, the trip has to be cancelled immediately and government guidelines on self isolation have to be followed by all those who were in contact with the symptomatic person.

Venue choices

As a club we will encourage our leaders and coaches to avoid those venues that may be busy and in high use, but this might not always be achievable. Where a club trip takes place in a more popular spot with many groups present, please follow strict social distancing guidelines.

Personal Hygiene/ Hand Washing on and off the water

We require all members, coaches and leaders to wash or sanitise their hands frequently, this is particularly the case when supporting each other to manoeuvre equipment or in those situations where it is unavoidable to touch someone else's paddling equipment. As a club we therefore ask all attendees on club trips to carry a small bottle of alcoholic hand gel on their person (preferably within their BA) at all times.


All members attending club trips should use their own equipment wherever possible. Those using club kit will have to collect the equipment from the boatshed themselves and follow guidelines on equipment rental. All equipment used has to be quarantined in the designated area within the club shed for 72h after it has been returned to the shed.

When lifting equipment, we require coaches, leaders and members to use alcoholic hand gel before and after touching any equipment that's not their own. We as a club require to avoid sharing equipment on club trips for the time being.

Rescue and Safety on the Water

Should close contact be required, individuals must ideally be facing away from each other, but this may not always be possible. Rescues, coaching, leading and indeed all practices may be adapted by the trip leader/coach in order to maintain physical distancing, in accordance with the latest government guidance. However, these adaptations will not always be possible. When conducting a rescue in moving water we encourage our leaders to support self-rescues of participants though verbal cues and only actively interfere in a more hands on way if unavoidable. Close contact time should be kept at a minimum level.

First Aid

First aid has to be administered at all times and as soon as possible, we as a club encourage our coaches and leaders to disregard guidelines given if someone's safety is compromised. This not only includes the administration of first aid but also the use of group shelters on cold days to avoid onset of hypothermia. It is at the leaders discretion if hands on first aid is required or if the injured party can self administer first aid under verbal guidance.

Food and drink

Attendees of club trips must bring their own food and drink and only share with people of their household group. This guideline can be disregarded if it’s detrimental to someone's health that they receive food or a hot drink immediately to avoid low blood sugar and counteract effects of over exhaustion, hypothermia or hyperthermia.

Shuttles and Vehicle Sharing

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